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Re: Chinese websites not rendered correctly

 Katsumi Yamaoka wrote on 14 Jul 2010:
> In [emacs-w3m : No.11271] Richard R. Boyechko wrote:
>> I have been having a lot of problems getting Emacs-w3m to display
>> Chinese websites correctly (both GB2312 and Big5). When I open
>> these same websites directly through w3mmee (the w3m variant I'm
>> using), they display correctly, but from Emacs it's all messed up.
> Currently I don't have w3mmee that works since it's hard to build
> in my system (Fedora 13).  So, I don't seem to be capable to help
> your problem, sorry.
> OTOH, w3m[1] looks like ok for displaying those Chinese pages with
> emacs-w3m.  Don't you have a room to use it?
> [1] w3m version w3m/0.5.2+cvs-1.1001, options lang=ja,m17n,image,
> color,ansi-color,mouse,gpm,menu,cookie,ssl,ssl-verify,
> external-uri-loader,w3mmailer,nntp,ipv6,alarm,mark

Thank you for the quick response, and for suggesting w3m. I thought
that w3m by itself could not handle anything other than English and
Japanese, which is why w3mmee and w3m-m17n were created. I was wrong,
apparently, as after installing w3m like you suggested, I was able to
view the Chinese pages just fine.

Thank you very much!


Richard Boyechko