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Re: [PATCH] w3m-lnum add highlight

Štěpán Němec writes:
> David Engster <deng@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> OK, I've grown curious about w3m-link-numbering-mode, so I've updated
>> from CVS and did M-x w3m-link-numbering-mode, but nothing really
>> happens. I see that [ln] is added in the modeline, but no links are
>> numbered. How am I supposed to activate the numbering? I've put edebug
>> on `w3m-link-numbering', but it is simply never called. Please bear with
>> me if I'm missing something obvious here.
> Heh. Well, I only tried it now to confirm my understanding and reply to
> your mail, but -- you have to actually press some keys, like L F for
> instance; then the numbers appear (and you don't have to do
> M-x w3m-link-numbering-mode at all AFAICT).

Aah... OK, thanks. I see now the default behavior changed in
rev. 1.24. The commentary in w3m-lnum.el is misleading here. (Manually
activating the minor mode is still necessary, though.)