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Re: [w3m-dev-en 01130] <input> vs. lynx

This is the same for any html5 input type. Apparently the drafters of
html5 thought they could safely expand the type attribute, but they
thought wrong. All other browsers known to me simply treat an input
element with an unknown type attribute as an input element with
type="text". I have tried to change the code to accept these other
types, but alas, I did not succeed (I think I do not know enough C to
be able to).

The advent of html5 would mean we may not be able to use w3m when web
developers use 'advanced' form inputs unless this issue is solved.

Of course, the html5 spec is wrong (as it should have been backwards
compatible), but I doubt we can hold it back now.

I hope someone else is able and willing to look into this.


Niels Giesen

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 1:01 PM,  <jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Neither w3m nor emacs-w3m can deal with this table as good as lynx or
> Firefox can.
> $ lynx e.htm
>   Days to show in recent changes:     512_________________
>   Number of edits to show by default: 50__________________
> $ w3m e.htm
> Days to show in recent changes:
> Number of edits to show by default:
> There is no way to enter anything.
> $ cat e.htm
> <table><tbody>
> <tr><td><label for="mw-input-rcdays">Days to show in recent changes:</label></td><td><input id="mw-input-rcdays" name="wprcdays" size="20" value="512" min="1" max="512" type="number" step="any" />
> </td></tr>
> <tr><td><label for="mw-input-rclimit">Number of edits to show by default:</label></td><td><input id="mw-input-rclimit" name="wprclimit" size="20" value="50" type="number" />
> </td></tr>
> </tbody></table>
> Package: w3m
> Version: 0.5.2-4