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a mail containing two or more html parts

Hi nnshimbun users,

Some shimbun modules generate an article containing two or more
html parts if the original web contents consist of many pages,
though such ones may not be general.  To delimit pages, every
succeeding html part has "" (i.e. `^L') in the beginning
of an html body.  But you may see those `^L's are missing nowadays
when displaying, if you use the most recent Gnus and Emacs.  It
is because the default value of `mm-text-html-renderer' has
changed into `shr', and `libxml-parse-html-region' that `mm-shr'
uses simply ignores `^L's.  This advice will help:

(defadvice gnus-mime-display-mixed (around add-page-delimiter (handles)
  "Add page delimiters to the beginning of succeeding html parts."
  (if (eq mm-text-html-renderer 'shr)
	(gnus-mime-display-part (pop handles))
	(while handles
	  (if (equal (mm-handle-media-type (car handles)) "text/html")
	      (insert "\C-l\n"))
	  (gnus-mime-display-part (pop handles))))