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Re: warning about kill-new

In [emacs-w3m : No.11441] thierry.volpiatto@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> i have a *Compile-log* buffer at startup of emacs with:
> Warning: ad-Orig-kill-new called with 3 arguments, but accepts only 1-2

> The only advice that modify kill-new here is in emacs-w3m.

mime-w3m.el advises kill-new for certain.  But what purpose do
you use mime-w3m for?  (The module is mainly for Wanderlust, not
Gnus.)  Even if you explicitly load it, it will never cause such
an error since there's no thing concerning the number of arguments.

Try: C-h f kill-new RET
And see what appears under the `This function is advised.' line.