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Re: warning about kill-new

Herbert J. Skuhra wrote:
> For a few days I also get the error reported on the emacs-w3m mailing
> list[1]:

> Warning: ad-Orig-kill-new called with 3 arguments, but accepts only
> 1-2.

> I am a Wanderlust user.

> On Fri, 17 Dec 2010 Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
>> Try: C-h f kill-new RET
>> And see what appears under the `This function is advised.' line.

> Before-advice `strip-keymap-properties-from-kill':
> Advised by emacs-w3m.
> Strip `keymap' or `local-map' properties from a killed string.

Thanks.  I found the cause at last.  That is in Emacs pre-23.3:

2010-11-18  Stefan Monnier  <monnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	* simple.el (kill-new, kill-append, kill-region):
	* comint.el (comint-kill-region): Make the yank-handler argument

Maybe mime-w3m.elc you use was compiled by Emacs 23.2 or 23.1.

Emacs 21.1~21.4, 23.3, 24, XEmacs, SXEmacs:
  (kill-new string &optional replace)
Emacs 22.1~23.2:
  (kill-new string &optional replace yank-handler)

I've modified the defadvice form in mime-w3m.el so as not to be
byte-compiled when building emacs-w3m (now the compilation will
tale place when loading mime-w3m.elc).