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Re: gmane.emacs.w3m broke

>>> It seems the messages on this list are still not getting through to
>>> Gmane. Thanks.
> LMI> I've resubscribed the list a few times now, and since it seems to keep
> LMI> dropping off the subscription list, I'm guessing the error is on the
> LMI> emacs-w3m end.
> Dear emacs-w3m maintainers, why don't you then move the group to
> googlegroups or something more reliable?

Well, this is a namazu mailing list and it works fine for me.

Gmane is a great service, but it is not strictly necessary for a
mailing list to exist.

If the emacs-w3m maintainers don't want or don't bother about a gateway
between mailing lists and newsgroups, what is the problem?
We can stay with the mailing list...