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Re: gmane.emacs.w3m broke

smc <smc@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If the emacs-w3m maintainers don't want or don't bother about a gateway
> between mailing lists and newsgroups, what is the problem?
> We can stay with the mailing list...

1. The emacs-w3m webpage advertises this gateway:

   "You can also subscribe to the gmane.emacs.w3m newsgroup which is
   gateway'd to this list bidirectionally." http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/

2. The primary audience and user base of emacs-w3m is emacs users, a
   good number of whom read mailing lists with Gnus via gmane.

Would any one have insights why the Gmane subscription to the list is
not working?