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Re: w3m-lnum: yet another selection workflow

In [emacs-w3m : No.11671] Andrey Kotlarski wrote:
> while happily w3m-lnum-follow-ing and such, I noticed a common pattern
> over less known web pages.  During selection or just about to do it, I
> wish I could have chosen another action.  In this case I have to cancel
> current selection and invoke a new one with the desired action.  So far
> the commands provided are of the form: first determine action, then
> select element.  The nice part is that selection can be confined over
> specific type of elements.  But what about the other way around: firstly
> select element and then get a list of possible actions!  This is what
> I've added this time.  You first do a selection over all anchors and
> then a pop-up buffer offers you a list of possible (of course
> customizable ;)) actions which may be selected with a key, mouse or by
> moving within this buffer and hitting return.  It's also a nice way to
> expose anchor functions without much looking/providing key-bindings and
> documentation (for newcomers at least).

> Another smaller addition is interactive resizing of images.  You know
> for example in GNU/Emacs after initially changing font size with C-x
> C-+/-, you get immediate chance by just hitting +/-/0 to further refine
> font size or get it to initial state.  This is what's added to the lnum
> resizing commands/actions for images.

> As before, I've only tested (for few weeks now and squashed whatever
> bugs found) on GNU/Emacs >= 24.0.90 so compatibility corrections or
> whatever other for other Emacsen are welcomed.  I suspect mouse
> selection is a weak point but it's somewhat detached from the idea of
> link numbering anyway.

> I didn't quite know where to put `w3m-resize-image-interactive' as it's
> general but at the same time not belonging to w3m-image.el for not being
> concerned with external image operations.

> I was wondering what key to choose for `w3m-lnum-universal'.  In the end
> settled on `w' (not in the lynx or info style keymaps), but other
> possibilities like `L' might be good, if someone has better idea, just
> say.  Of course by default it's reachable by first hitting `L'.

> Here's a cvs diff:


I've applied the patch as is.  Thanks.  I'll try those new features
later.  Maybe the custom type for the new w3m-lnum-actions-* options
needs to be improved.  How about this way?

  :type '(cons (string :format "%v")
	       (repeat (group (character :format "Key: %v ")
			      (function :format "%t:\n%v"))))