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Re: put the right amount of images on one line

In [emacs-w3m : No.11717] jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Even with the hint 'width="125"', emacs-w3m just uses the width of the
> word "staticmap" to guess how many of the images will fit on one line,
> [staticmap] [staticmap] [staticmap] [staticmap] [staticmap] [staticmap]
> [staticmap] [staticmap] [staticmap] [staticmap]
> <P>
> <img width="125"

That is w3m's work, not emacs-w3m's.  When running `w3m -halfdump',
that emacs-w3m uses when rendering a page, w3m doesn't know what
number of letters corresponds to `width="125"'.  IOW, emacs-w3m
informs `w3m -halfdump' about the window width in columns[1],
but w3m doesn't know the window width in pixels.
We have a little help for it: `w3m-pixels-per-character'  Try
setting it to a number that is the pixel width of a letter that
Emacs uses (e.g. 7 for the 7x14 fixed font).  It may make it
slightly better or may not help if you use a proportional font.

[1] `w3m-fill-column' controls it.