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Re: put the right amount of images on one line

I see what the problem is,
|w3m-treat-image-size is a variable defined in `w3m.el'.
|Its value is nil
|Original value was t
|*Non-nil means let w3m mind the ratio of the size of images and text.
|If it is non-nil, the w3m command will make a halfdump which reserves
|rectangle spaces in which images will be put, and also `alt' texts
|will be truncated or padded with spaces so that their display width
|will be the same as the width of images.
I recall I set it to nil due to how it treated "alt" texts.

Maybe somehow the "also" above could be decoupled, so that the two
effects are independent. I.e., one can achieve "alt" texts not getting
mangled... like when "nil", but not too many images on one line (causing
them to go off the edge), like with "t".

Or maybe it is impossible.