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Re: login button

In [emacs-w3m : No.11740] Roland Winkler wrote:
> I have a subtle problem with how Emacs w3m displays the page
> https://publish.aps.org/login

> I am using Emacs w3m "1.4.446" on two different computers. One is
> runnnig w3m/0.5.1+cvs-1.968, the other runs w3m/0.5.2.

> With the older w3m, Emacs w3m displays the login button on the page
> https://publish.aps.org/login, but the newer Emacs w3m does not. What is
> possibly going wrong?

The reason a button isn't displayed is that the label text for
the button in question is empty.  By default emacs-w3m uses Emacs'
widget library, that won't make a button for an empty text.
So, I've changed emacs-w3m so as to use "submit" as a label in
such cases.  Maybe we get to view the "submit" buttons here and
there from now on.  If anyone sees a "submit" button that is not
for submitting, please report it. ;-)

> If I run w3m in a tty, both the old and the new version show the login
> button correctly.

That is similar to emacs-w3m running with w3m-form-use-fancy-faces
=nil.  I.e., Emacs' widget library is not used.

> So I assume it is a problem of how Emacs w3m communicates with w3m.

Thanks for pointing it out.  I haven't verified it with w3m/0.5.1
yet, but I guess it fills an empty label with a space or something.