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Re: w3m-switch-to-buffer and buffer-list order

In [emacs-w3m : No.11753] Kevin Ryde wrote:
> When first opening up a w3m buffer, it's at the end of (buffer-list)
> where I hoped it would be at the start, as per a usual switch-to-buffer.

>     (progn
>       (w3m-browse-url "file:///tmp")
>       (buffer-list))
>     =>
>     *w3m* buffer at the end of the list, not the start

> I see a newly created buffer goes through w3m-switch-to-buffer.  Is
> there a reason it's not a plain `switch-to-buffer'?


In the middle of the last year (in the Emacs head), `switch-to-buffer'
was restricted to be used as an interactive command only, and the byte
compiler got to warn about non-interactive usage.  It was taken back
soon, though.  `w3m-switch-to-buffer' is the one made just then.
I'll replace it back to `switch-to-buffer', later.