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Re: bug#12124: 24.1.50; warning pollution

Stefan Monnier <monnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>>> Why instead of keeping old definitions of labels and flet don't we use
>>>> aliases for cl-flet/labels (among others)?
>>> Because they do not do the same (almost, but not quite).
>> The problem is in emacs-w3m. It annoys me for mundane
>> task such as reading mail or catching up news in newsticker.
> But it's also the case that emacs-w3m probably shouldn't byte-compile
> code at run-time.  Can you try and figure out which it does that?

I synced with CVS emacs-w3m and the error went away. I saw that label
got replaced with w3m-label which I think is a sign they took care of
the error. There are a few files where the function byte-compile is
called: w3m, w3m-ems, w3m-proc. They probably should not do that.
Ivan Kanis

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