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Cygwin environment for w3m

Emacs-w3m is setting the CYGWIN environment variable to "binmode tty". Unfortunately, the tty option is obsolete. It generates a warning message like:

  "tty" option detected in CYGWIN environment variable.
  CYGWIN=tty is no longer supported.  Please remove it from your
  CYGWIN environment variable and use a terminal emulator like mintty,
  xterm, or rxvt.

The setting of w3m-command-environment in w3m.el should be changed.

Temporary work-around for users: Put this in your ~/.emacs-w3m file:

; Fix the CYGWIN environment variable
(when (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
  (setcdr (assoc "CYGWIN" w3m-command-environment)

Uday Reddy