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Re: history list truncates anchors

In [emacs-w3m : No.11949] jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> "Location: about://history/
>  List of all the links you have visited in this session."
> truncates all the #anchors off where we visited!

IIRC, over ten years ago, I dropped managing of URLs plus #NAME
anchors in the history design.  It was probably because it is
possible to grow the history data excessively and it won't get
necessarily useful.

> Visit bla#mla
> it is stored as just bla.

What emacs-w3m does then is to retrieve the contents of `bla',
render it, and jump to `#mla'.  Only `bla' is significant for
almost all the progress of work, so emacs-w3m mainly manages it
for all the time.

Maybe it is not easy to make the history manage #NAME anchors and
doesn't seem to be worth taking trouble.  So, I will probably not
have an urge to do it now and forever.  Sorry.