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Re: We would like to include w3m-emacs in GNU ELPA

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> But luckily or unluckily, the tide might be getting better recently.
> I mean, some emacs-w3m developers might have gotten free from the yoke
> of companies because of the chronic depression in Japan, or simply
> having aged (I'm not an exception ;-).

Let's hope. Although I don't quite understand the situation. After all,
the companies they worked for allowed the developers to publish they
work under a GNU license. Signing paper work for emacs is just a

>> First, we need to get written agreement from the following persons:
>>       Teranishi Yuuichi <teranisi@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>       Hideyuki Shirai <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>       Tsuyoshi Cho <tsuyoshi_cho@xxxxxxxxx>
>>       Shunichi Goto <gotoh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>>       Mikio Nakajima (do you have an e-mail address?)
> Feel free to contact them; since this is sent also to the list,
> I wish they respond by themselves.  Folks who know the present

I just did.

Tsuyoshi Cho has changed e-mail address. Does anyone know how I can get
in touch with him?

I would also like to get in touch with Miki Nakajima too.

Any help from you or the people on mailing would be much appreciated.

Take care,
Ivan Kanis

The Borg tried to assimilate your system. Resistance is futile.
    -- BOFH excuse #24