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Re: We would like to include w3m-emacs in GNU ELPA

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Ivan Kanis <apple@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Yamaokaさん


> We would like to include emacs-w3m in GNU ELPA.

Of course it is desirable for not only me but also the emacs-w3m
developers and many long term users.  However it is (was?) hard
to achieve as I mentioned in:


But luckily or unluckily, the tide might be getting better recently.
I mean, some emacs-w3m developers might have gotten free from the yoke
of companies because of the chronic depression in Japan, or simply
having aged (I'm not an exception ;-).

> I thought it would be a good idea to talk to you about it before we do
> anything. From the CVS log, it seems you are maintaining it.

That's ok, but the chief maintainer of emacs-w3m is:

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@xxxxxxxxxx>

> First, we need to get written agreement from the following persons:

>       Teranishi Yuuichi <teranisi@xxxxxxxxxx>
>       Hideyuki Shirai <shirai@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>       Tsuyoshi Cho <tsuyoshi_cho@xxxxxxxxx>
>       Shunichi Goto <gotoh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>       Mikio Nakajima (do you have an e-mail address?)

> I am waiting for your approval before contacting them. If you would
> rather do it, I have put the form at the bottom of my e-mail.

Feel free to contact them; since this is sent also to the list,
I wish they respond by themselves.  Folks who know the present
whereabouts, let them know this!  I'll announce this in Japanese

> Second, there is shimbun. There are 135 files and I am not sure we want
> them all.

The shimbun library may be detached from emacs-w3m, emacs-w3m works
without it.  And I think it is needless to bundle it with the ELPA
emacs-w3m because:

o Many of shimbun modules seem outdated whereas they need to be
  maintained against changes made in web sites.
o It requires APEL and FLIM library that don't seem to be well

> I see you've made change to sb-chise.el, sb-mailman.el and
> sb-mainichi.el lately.

o Some modules being maintained are for my personal use. ;-)

> What about we include a few news source as an example of shimbun?

> Take care,

> Ivan Kanis

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