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Re: buffer:// under home directory

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
> I see what the patch does, but don't see why default-directory gets
> "~/":

Ah.  It must be some subtle conditions.  You can get it from opening a
directory under -Q, even when the directory is an absolute path

  emacs -Q -batch $HOME -eval '(message "%S" default-directory)'

Somehow the debian site bits (ie. emacs -q) for me do similar to files

> link <a href="#a">...</a> and an anchor <a name="a">...</a>.

Hmm.  So it works with empty for the current buffer, but perhaps not
quite ready for an arbitrary named buffer.

> I usually use `M-x w3m-buffer' to preview the html source that
> I'm editing.  Undo makes it revert to the source.

Oh, that's scary if you forgot what you did! :-)

One thing I like for a preview is to keep the current displayed position
in the preview so you can see the changes affecting some place.  The w3m
"R" reload does that.