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Re: buffer:// under home directory

In [emacs-w3m : No.12023] Kevin Ryde wrote:
> Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
>> I see what the patch does, but don't see why default-directory gets
>> "~/":

Anyway I realized there are many possibilities that will cause
default-directory to be "~/".  For such a circumstance, your
patch is not necessarily effective since emacs-w3m is far to
supporting the buffer: scheme fully.  The typical case is to
try to preview an html source that is only in an Emacs buffer,
not associated to a file.  It won't be easy to improve, but I
think it is a necessary feature since this is *emacs* -w3m.
Isn't there any developer who has an interest in it?

>> I usually use `M-x w3m-buffer' to preview the html source that
>> I'm editing.  Undo makes it revert to the source.

> Oh, that's scary if you forgot what you did! :-)

Indeed. :)

> One thing I like for a preview is to keep the current displayed position
> in the preview so you can see the changes affecting some place.  The w3m
> "R" reload does that.

Otherwise, change `w3m-buffer' so as to display a preview in the
other buffer (i.e. one of tabs) by default.  It requires emacs-w3m
to support the buffer: scheme properly, I believe.  Moreover
`w3m-region' should work as well.  So, maybe the buffer: scheme
needs to have a means to specify the start/end positions like:


Where (start,end) is optional.