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Re: character width problems vs. table alignment

In [emacs-w3m : No.12113] jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Does the table at
> http://jidanni.org/location/directions/index.html#distances
> fully line up for you, or are there some character width problems that
> look bad in emacs-w3m but fine in w3m?

This seems to be due to the `East Asian Ambiguous Character Width'.
w3m looks to do well[1].  So does my Emacs except for "※" [2].
eww is mostly ok but with no ruled line[3].

I guess it is related to the personal font setting and also how
Emacs choose one.  But I abandoned improving it years ago.  If
anything, I'm not capable to do that.

These lines should be the same width, but...

[1] http://www.jpl.org/tmp/distances-xterm-w3m.png
[2] http://www.jpl.org/tmp/distances-emacs-w3m.png
[3] http://www.jpl.org/tmp/distances-eww.png