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Re: character width problems vs. table alignment

On Tue, Aug 13 2013, jidanni@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Does the table at
> http://jidanni.org/location/directions/index.html#distances fully line
> up for you, or are there some character width problems that look bad
> in emacs-w3m but fine in w3m?

For me it does only if i set w3m-use-symbol to nil, so that emacs-w3m
would use plain ASCII characters to render table boundaries.

When w3m-use-symbol is set to t, the fancy unicode characters used to
prettify the table have varying width and provoke disalignments with the
surrounding text.

I've tried several times to find pretty symbols for the boundaries or a
fontset for them that doesn't have double-width chars, but never
succeeded.  The only way i've managed to get nice and aligned tables
with continuous boundaries has been by using emacs-w3m in a urxvt

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