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Re: error with w3m-puny-decode-url

In [emacs-w3m : No.12137] Michael Heerdegen wrote:
> Michael Heerdegen <michael_heerdegen@xxxxxx> writes:

>> etc.  After loading the sources, it works, however.  But wait, oh my
>> god, what's this in w3m-proc.el:
>> ;; Silence the Emacs's byte-compiler that says ``might not be defined''.
>> (eval-when-compile
>>   (defun w3m-decode-coding-string-with-priority (str coding)
>>     ()))

> Presumably this is no problem when you start with (require 'w3m).  But
> note that updating the w3m package in the package manager explicitly
> reloads the w3m libraries in no specific order.  If it happens that
> w3m-proc.el is reloaded as last file, boom.  Reloading single files of a
> package should not break it.

I'v moved the function to w3m-util.el.  Thanks for the thorough