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Re: delay with close tab


In [emacs-w3m : No.12175] Emanuel Berg wrote:
> I have used w3m every day for over a year now, and I am
> very thankful it exists because it has increased my life
> quality considerable.

Thanks for using emacs-w3m so enthusiastically. :)


> But, what I wanted to ask you is - when I close tabs,
> sometimes the tab bar still shows the closed tab (or
> buffer, as it is called in the code, sometimes). This is
> a bit confusing. I have tried to force a redraw in many
> ways but nothing has worked.

If `closing tabs' means `killing w3m-mode buffers associated to
the tabs', they must never appear in the tab bar.  Could you
check whether a buffer, that persists in the tab bar whereas you
certainly closed it, really exists or not?  If it exists, let us
know the way you used to close it.  This is a case an emacs-w3m
bug is suspected.

But if it only delays a bit to disappear in the tab bar, it will
not necessarily be a bug.  Emacs-w3m periodically scans the whole
buffers in Emacs.  This is done by the `w3m-tab-line' function
that is set to the buffer-local variable `header-line-format',
i.e., its value should be:

(:eval (w3m-tab-line))

The function collects the buffers in which the major-mode is w3m
-mode, and shows them up in the tab bar.  The time interval to
do it is controlled by Emacs internals, not by an emacs-w3m code.
So as not to eat CPU, we only control it so as not to be too
frequent.  So, according to the platform or some unknown
conditions, it might get long.

Otherwise, if a w3m-mode buffer doesn't exist, I suspect a bug of
Emacs.  I've seen that behavior a few times in the middle of Emacs'
development (building Emacs from the bzr repository is my daily
routine), but there seems to be no problem in today's one.