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Re: delay with close tab


On Tue, Oct 15 2013, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:


> But if it only delays a bit to disappear in the tab bar, it will
> not necessarily be a bug.  Emacs-w3m periodically scans the whole
> buffers in Emacs.  This is done by the `w3m-tab-line' function
> that is set to the buffer-local variable `header-line-format',
> i.e., its value should be:

I observe a noticeable delay (sometimes around a second) in refreshing
the bar right after closing a tab with the command w3m-delete-buffer
(emacs 24.3.1 and emacs-w3m installed from MELPA).  Up until a month or
two ago the update used to be instantaneous.

Something i don't fully understand is why you need to rely on a
background process to update the tab line in this case: couldn't
w3m-delete-buffer just trigger an immediate refresh of the tab line right
after killing the buffer? (it knows for sure that it's been modified).

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