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Re: key remapping

19.03.2014 23:22, Katsumi Yamaoka пишет:
> Try adding this snippet to your ~/.emacs-w3m.el (or ~/.emacs-w3m,
> perhaps) file:
> (define-key w3m-mode-map [backspace] 'w3m-previous-buffer)
> (define-key w3m-mode-map [mouse-2] 'w3m-mouse-view-this-url-new-session)
Thanks for a hint but there's undesirable side-effect: middle-click indeed open the
link in new tab, but so does left-click.

How can I make sure that left mouse click opens the link in current tab while middle
click in new tab?
Also - is there a way to make new tab opening without switching to it? Just like in
almost any other browser: when you middle-click the link it opens "in the background"
in new tab - the new tab is created and link is loaded but without tab switching, the
user stays at the current tab.