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Re: w3m session file format

27.06.2014 05:16, naota@xxxxxxxxx пишет:
> The session file can be thought of a list of w3m history dump. You can
> look for w3m-history's docstring for the format of the dump.
> You can also see a comment in w3m-session.el. There is aline "format of
> session file." and following it, there are simpe description of session file.

Thanks for clarification.

>> 2. Is there a way to automatically cleanup sessions upon  saving them? So the session
>> with 16 opened tabs will contain only 16 urls and nothing more.
> I don't think we have one. But we can modify
> w3m-session-history-to-save() to drop the history.

I'll give it a try. But In general I think it would be much better to separate
concepts of history and session so user could choose between old behavior and saving
session without historical baggage by toggling single variable in Customize.