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^M from 

With cvs w3m.el and recent debian w3m 0.5.3, visiting the file cr.html
below with w3m-find-file displays


where the ^M is a CR character in the buffer.  I think I hoped to see a
space like

    Hello World

which is what w3m displays on the console (ie. not inside emacs).

I'm unsure when entities and whitespace are supposed to be interpreted,
and I expect writing 
 is not a good idea, but since w3m and lynx
display as a space maybe emacs-w3m could too.

I struck this in debian proftpd-doc package
/usr/share/doc/proftpd-doc/Configuration.html which shows lines like


Its meta "generator" says it came from some docbook so presumably some
mechanical mangling has somehow caused 
Hello World

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