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Re: half disfunctional (?), annoying popup instead of sweet old-school Emacs prompt

Manuel Giraud <manuel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Wierd. I've just tested it with emacs 24.4 and a cvs
> up to date emacs-w3m and this message is still in
> the minibuffer for me.
> Could you test with "emacs -Q" and and no
> $HOME/.emacs-w3m file to see if it still happens?

Every time I access the Internet after not using it I
get to a login page. It is when I leave that page
(submit the data) I get the message. Next time, I'll
try 'emacs -Q' and hope I get to the same page. If
not, or in the mean time, do you know of some
generally-accessible page that will spawn that

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