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w3m-save-buffer directory

As a comment on the recent w3m-save-buffer, I think I'd like it to save
to w3m-default-save-directory the same as the "d" download.

I know I can set w3m-save-buffer-directory, but I'd like to suggest not
worrying about a separate variable, but treat saves and downloads the

On a more radical front, I was slightly caught out by the image save
feature.  I had images toggled off but the save downloaded them.  I see
how to ask for no-images, and will have to force myself to remember :-).

I wondered if the default might be "save what you see" or something like
that.  But alas I don't have a good idea how to then deliberately ask
for no-images or all-images.  Could query whether to download images not
already downloaded maybe.  But asking that every time could be annoying.