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Re: w3m-save-buffer directory

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
> I thought, saved pages are all temporary,

Oh, I save because I want to keep it :-).

> From the very beginning, that w3m-default-save-directory defaults
> to ~/.w3m was bad choice (IMO).  You might have customized it to
> another,

Yes, I set it to a ~/Downloads directory.  I think that was from mozilla
and I first thought it was too much an msdos-ism but it's not bad as a
kind of inbox of saved stuff to review later.  I treat page saves and
other downloads as the same for that purpose.

> Well, if I save a page without images (because they are unnecessary
> at that time),

I find it's usually because they're garbage (icons, adverts, webbugs :).

I asked my builders if all their effing and blinding was really necessary.
They said no but the quality of their work would suffer without it.