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Problems with <RET>.

Dear Community,

Many greetings. I am a user of emacs24.5, and I recently installed
emacs-w3m from cvs. I have found that certain buttons in gmail, such
as "delete," no longer respond to <RET>. Instead, I get a message like

Invalid function: w3m-anchor

The only solution which seems to work is to hold down the shift key
wile pressing <RET>. Unfortunately, this action also results in the
creation of a second emacs-w3m buffer, where a copy of the original
buffer appears.

I have also been seeing quite often this message, especially when
tabbing over a form field

Wrong number of arguments: #[(form id name)
"\306H\307\211\211\2038@=\203-\310\211A@\262\311\"\211\203-
A\307\211AA\262\211\204	+\207" [form value pair plist id name 5
nil plist-get :value] 4], 2

Is this possibly related to the other problem? Are these bugs?

Hwaen Ch'uqi