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Re: Problems with <RET>.

Hi Hwaen,

In [emacs-w3m : No.12547]
	On Sun, 20 Dec 2015 04:44:53 -0500, Hwaen Ch'uqi wrote:
> I have found that certain buttons in gmail, such as "delete,"
> no longer respond to <RET>. Instead, I get a message like

> Invalid function: w3m-anchor

Hm, for me both RET and the middle mouse click on [Delete] work.
I doubt your emacs-w3m hasn't been built correctly.  Did you do
`configure' and `make' normally?  Did you see a warning or an
error message then?

> I have also been seeing quite often this message, especially when
> tabbing over a form field

> Wrong number of arguments: #[(form id name)

Could you get the backtrace again so as to be in human readable
style?  To do that, in advance, do

`M-x load-library RET w3m.el RET'  (note: not w3m.elc)

and do it for w3m-form.el, w3m-proc.el, etc. until the backtrace
doesn't get a byte-code like this:

> "^H\306H\307\211^Y^Z\211^[\2038^@^L^K@=\203-^@\310^K\211A@\262^A\311\"\211^R\203-^@