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Re: disable "Reading" (full)screen

Emanuel Berg <embe8573@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> so it doesn't exactly carry any information, does it?

It can keep you from trying to interact on the old page while the new is

> Second, navigating the Internet these days are usually
> pretty fast.

Be glad the lag monster has spared you :-).

> As always, you do what you want. Perhaps there is
> a good reason to have it. It would be interesting to
> hear, if so. But I'm happy if I can just disable it,

Yes, w3m-clear-display-while-reading.  

I find it ok.  To be fair it's the sort of change I would normally find
irritating, but being lagged a little or a lot it's quite reasonable.

Sometimes on a big document fontification can be a bit slow, so you get
something to say it's working.  I struck that on html of the Xt
intrinsics manual recently.  Only about 1.3mb local file, but presumably
lots of who knows what.

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