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disable "Reading" (full)screen

When I hit RET on a hyperlink in Emacs-w3m, there is
a fullscreen in the Emacs-w3m buffer saying "Reading"
and then the URL.

Well, first, obviously that is happening, since it is
what should follow if the user hits RET with point at
a hyperlink - so it doesn't exactly carry any
information, does it?

Second, navigating the Internet these days are usually
pretty fast. Most times I just see that line
("Reading...") go by like half a second. Even if
I wanted to read it there isn't time.

As always, you do what you want. Perhaps there is
a good reason to have it. It would be interesting to
hear, if so. But I'm happy if I can just disable it,
or at least have it appear in the echo area instead,
so to make the whole UI less disruptive.

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