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always text/plain

Can I configure Emacs-w3m to always pick the
text/plain alternative when in doubt?

I have typed that so many times by now I'm pretty
confident that's the only answer I'll ever give :)

Seriously, what I can see there are only two cases:

    - HTML (which obviously should be generated)

    - text (just show)

What is the hesitation?

I don't have a problem with Lisp, C++, zsh, or
whatever not looking as it should with Emacs font-lock
and all. Because if I'm ever to interact with the
particular file, I don't browse it with Emacs-w3m,
instead I only use Emacs-w3m so far as to acquire the
file - after that I'd use the proper Emacs
editing mode!

But I'm content if it can just be put as the default
option :)

PS. As always, have a look:


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