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w3m buffers not displaying in iBuffer list

I've started using the newest CVS version of emacs-w3m, and it's
behaving differently in how it represents its buffers.

The (older) release version displays each w3m buffer as a separate
entry on the iBuffer list, each labeled "*w3m*" along with a number
and a web page title. The CVS version doesn't display any entry
whatsoever in iBuffer.

Furthermore, while the mode line of the CVS version identifies the
buffer as "*server*-nnnnnn [ - ] / webpage-title", where you would
replace 'nnnnnn' with a number and 'webpage-title' with that
information, the emacs command 'switch-to-buffer' (C-x b) does not
recognize even that.

It is still possible to display the hidden w3m buffer by typing 'M-x

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