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Re: [PATCH] defcustom ':size'

In [emacs-w3m : No.12710]
On Sun, 25 Jun 2017 10:28:12 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
> On 2017-06-23 10:00, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
>>> +(defcustom w3m-external-view-temp-directory
>>> +  w3m-profile-directory
>>> +  "*Directory where files are saved for the external file viewer."
>>> +  :group 'w3m
>>> +  :type '(directory :size 0))

>> I removed "*" and the `:size 0' portion.  Though I don't recall
>> clearly why I added `:size 0' to defcustoms in the past, it
>> might have been useful for old Emacsen (or XEmacs?; I used to be
>> an XEmacs user).  However, I find no particular advantage with
>> it now.  If anything, this makes a user be hard to find the
>> place of the input form if the value is an empty string.  So,
>> I'd like to remove all such ones some day.

> I couldn't find any documentation for the ":size" option,

,---- (info "(editable-field)Widget") <- Type `C-x C-e' here
| `:size'
|   The width of the editable field.
|   By default the field will reach to the end of the line.

If the :size is specified, the width of the editable field will
be extended if a user writes something longer than the specified
width.  So, always only the value is highlighted if :size is 0.
If the :size is not specified, the highlighted field always ends
at the window edge.  It's often too long and I felt it unsightly.
The only problem of `:size 0' is that the editable field will
disappear if it is empty.

> so here's a
> patch to remove all ocurrences of it, if that's okay. The work was
> done using 'sed -i 's/[ \t]\+:size [0-9]\+//' *.el'. As for updating
> the Changelog, 'grep ":size" *.el |wc -l' indicated to me 152
> instances in many files, so I took a lazy route which I hope is
> acceptable in this unusual case.

Thank you for listing them all up.