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w3m-cookie new GUI


I've added new GUIs to the w3m-cookie page:

,----[ C-h f w3m-about-cookie RET ]
|Make the html contents to display and to enable you to manage cookies.
|To delete all cookies associated with amazon.com for example, do it in
|the following two steps:
|1. Mark them `unused' (type `C-c C-c' or press any OK button).
|Limit to [amazon.com          ] <= [ ]regexp  [OK]
|( )Noop  ( )Use all  (*)Unuse all  ( )Delete unused all  [OK]
|2. Delete cookies that are marked `unused'.
|Limit to [amazon.com          ] <= [ ]regexp  [OK]
|( )Noop  ( )Use all  ( )Unuse all  (*)Delete unused all  [OK]
|You can mark cookies on the one-by-one basis of course.  The `Limit-to'
|string is case insensitive and allows a regular expression.

Making a backup of the "~/.w3m/.cookie" file before trying this
would be better.  To restore it, type Q to shutdown emacs-w3m
completely and copy the backup file to "~/.w3m/.cookie".