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Re: w3m-search feedback for whether in new or current session [PATCH]

On 2017-12-08 09:02, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> is it ok to rebind `w3m-history' to M-h (i.e., ALT-h or ESC h)?

That keybinding is a basic emacs one for marking paragraphs, which can
be very useful in emacs-w3m for people who want to yank a selection into
another buffer. The project already uses the C-c prefix for many
functions, so maybe C-c M-h would be appropriate?

> In addition, we have two keymap sets `w3m-lynx-like-map'
> (the default) and `w3m-info-like-map', but it's ok to leave
> `w3m-info-like-map' as they are, isn't it?

I would say yes, but only because I use the lynx binding and haven't in
the past been bothered to care about the info-like-map. If people who
use that key-map voice their opinion, then it would be proper to
consider it.

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