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Re: Patch for bug in w3m-generate-new-buffer

In [emacs-w3m:12892]
On Thu, 08 Feb 2018 02:51:35 -0800, Vladimir Sedach wrote:
> There was a serious bug introduced on 2017-10-13 to
> w3m-generate-new-buffer: new buffers would always get number 1, there
> would be duplicate buffers with number 1. You can verify this by opening
> a new w3m buffer (via w3m-search-new-session, for example) when multiple
> w3m buffers are already open, and trying to use w3m-previous-buffer.

I tried it using Emacs 25.3, but such a behavior didn't take place.
No matter what buffer where I invoke `w3m-search-new-session' is,
the new buffer always gets the number N+1 (N is the previous last
number of the emacs-w3m buffers).  A difference between you and me
seems to be only that your emacs-w3m is a bit old whereas mine is
that of bleeding edge.

>  (defun w3m-generate-new-buffer (name &optional next)
> +  (if w3m-use-title-buffer-name

It looks funny that `w3m-use-title-buffer-name' is there, since
`w3m-buffer-set-number' that runs thereafter sees it.  Hmm.