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Re: Patch for bug in w3m-generate-new-buffer

> I tried it using Emacs 25.3, but such a behavior didn't take place.
> No matter what buffer where I invoke `w3m-search-new-session' is,
> the new buffer always gets the number N+1 (N is the previous last
> number of the emacs-w3m buffers).  A difference between you and me
> seems to be only that your emacs-w3m is a bit old whereas mine is
> that of bleeding edge.

I am on the latest emacs-w3m CVS. What is the value of
W3M-USE-TITLE-BUFFER-NAME in your configuration? I have
W3M-USE-TITLE-BUFFER-NAME set to T; this is probably why I see the bug
and you are not able to reproduce it. If you set
W3M-USE-TITLE-BUFFER-NAME to T, then open new w3m buffers, eval
(mapcar #'w3m-buffer-number (w3m-list-buffers)) will show that there are
multiple buffers with the same number.

> It looks funny that `w3m-use-title-buffer-name' is there, since
> `w3m-buffer-set-number' that runs thereafter sees it.  Hmm.

Removing the conditional for W3M-USE-TITLE-BUFFER-NAME is another bug in
the version of W3M-GENERATE-NEW-BUFFER from revision 1.184. I am not
sure how this one surfaces.