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Re: Patch for bug in w3m-generate-new-buffer


Sorry for my delayed response (the office where I work moved to
a new place and was almost settled).

In [emacs-w3m:12897]
On Fri, 09 Feb 2018 16:16:11 -0800, Vladimir Sedach wrote:
> I am on the latest emacs-w3m CVS. What is the value of
> W3M-USE-TITLE-BUFFER-NAME in your configuration? I have
> W3M-USE-TITLE-BUFFER-NAME set to T; this is probably why I see
> the bug and you are not able to reproduce it.

Ah, I see at last.  I realized that the buffer management
functions for the case `t' has not been completed yet at all.
Please give me time.