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session presentation and sorting

In parallel to the other goings-on, I've started some work on features
related to w3m-session-select, and would like feedback and opinions of
things I'm considering in order to avoid making a potentially bad design

I have a simple function for sorting the session display list by session
name, and would like to enhance it by adding options to sort by other
fields, such as time-stamp and number of buffers in the session. My
opinion is that it would be easier to code and nicer to look at if some
changes were made to how the list is currently presented.

Currently each line consists of a session name string (which can include
spaces, ouch!), followed by the number of buffers in the session (in
brackets), followed by the timestamp. The first two items are currently
'bound together' by a common text property and by lack of white-space.

It makes sense to me that the timestamp should be the first entry on any
line, because it has a consistent length. I would also like to separate
the buffer count field from the session name, and have the count precede
the name, so the name would be the final item on any line.

Any objections or suggestions?

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