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Re: w3m-clear-display-while-reading vs w3m-view-header on link

Boruch Baum <boruch_baum@xxxxxxx> writes:
> I still have no luck reproducing your report, but upon re-reading maybe
> we have different expectations of what the command should do.  Per the
> docstring, function `w3m-view-header` ...  Display the header of the
> *current page*, not the header of the url at point.  Is that the
> confusion?

Maybe, but if you nose around the code in `w3m-about-header' you can see
how it's supposed to report info from the current page concerning link
and/or image at point.  Fixed in any case now in w3m-process-stop hopefully.

> In order to get a link's page header information, we would
> need to post a GET request for that page, which would give us the entire
> page along with the header, so it would be the same as loading the link.

Yes, no, no fetching, just what the current page has about the link.
I sometimes like a HEAD to look at a link to check how massive before
downloading but let's not confuse ourselves with a separate topic :-)

> 2] If you've performed an emacs action that has updated that display,
> just press 'u', the default keybinding for function
> `w3m-lnum-print-this-url'.

Oh yes, I don't think I knew that one.

> It
> occurred to me that the header information should appear in a new buffer
> instead of in the same one as the page; that way, you never lose the
> original page and can keep the header info open while you continue to
> browse (maybe to compare with other headers), and the page text doesn't
> need to be re-rendered.

Personally I'm happy in the same buffer, and it's uncommon anyway.
Pressing "=" a second time goes back too, which I only recently noticed
by pressing accidentally :-).

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