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Re: html bookmarks

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to gnu.emacs.help as well.

Drew Adams wrote:

> The Emacs web browser, EWW, supports
> bookmarking web pages. It uses its own kind
> of "bookmarks", which are different from
> ordinary Emacs bookmarks (why, I don't know).

Emacs-w3m is another web browser that "supports
bookmarking web pages" :)

It does this with an HTML file,
~/.w3m/bookmark.html, with headers and lists
and links, which are the actual bookmarks.
Then the browser browses this file like any
other web page or local HTML file!

There is good built-in support for managing the
file (e.g., add a new bookmark or section) but
I still found room to add a couple of helpers:


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