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Patch for conversion to UTF-8

I took it upon myself to try converting the project's default encoding
to UTF-8 from its current combination of 'EUC-JP', 'iso-2022-7bit', and
other. The work was mostly automated, and went pretty smoothly. More
importantly, it seems not to have broken anything central to the
project. What it needs is some daily use testing by people who operate
in Japanese or other CJK languages, and who use the shimbun features.

As for the actual patch itself, it weighs in at ~353kb ... so I thought
it would be a bit impolite to push it upon the all subscribers to the
list, certainly not over bulk e-mail, since many won't be interested.

OTOH, since I performed the work after being nudged by Vladimir to
finally put my personal work under version control (git), there are now
several options for reviewing the patch if the project deems it
appropriate / useful. The result is posted at the 'utf-8' branch of


and the diff can be generated without being 'corrupted' by any of the
other work and patches commited there, by performing a `git diff'
between the `master` and `utf-8` branches.

And, I'm happy to post it to the list if that's what people want, or I
can send it to anyone off-list.

Further description and documentation of the work is in the README.org
file of the 'utf-8' branch.

CA45 09B5 5351 7C11 A9D1  7286 0036 9E45 1595 8BC0