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Re: macros for w3m-attributes

On 2018-09-04 20:11, Vladimir Sedach wrote:
> > If there is interest in my current working version of the code, it would
> > probably be best to post it in entirety instead of as a patch; I can do
> > that offlist for anyone who asks, or onlist if that is appropriate.
> Sure. Do you perhaps have a git mirror of the repository?

Well, that was a motivator ...


Just now put it up. The README mentions two branches that I haven't yet
created from my collected code fragments, snippets, backup files, etc. I
really should have put my work under git a long time ago ...

The current master branch is what I use daily, and for my uses has been
stable, although the function `w3m--get-generic-external-view-command'
is brand-new and not tested.

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