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Moving from CVS to git


Recently there was a discussion on help-gnu-emacs that reminded me of
one of the reasons why I like git (and in particular the Emacs mode
magit) so much:


emacs-w3m has many files and a long history, and importantly those
files have a lot of references to each other, which makes CVS a pain
to use to examine the source control history, compared to git. That
would be the biggest benefit of moving the source code repository to
git IMO.

Merging patches would also be easier (git is better at keeping the
history of the original patch and its author, and changes made by the
maintainer as part of applying the patch). That would also be very
helpful, as it was sometimes hard for me to figure out what changes
were made to patches I sent to the mailing list when they were
applied to the CVS repository.

There is a link to someone's GitHub mirror
(https://github.com/ecbrown/emacs-w3m) of w3m, which has been
removed, on http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/

Boruch Baum has a development repository of emacs-w3m that has not
imported the CVS history:

Would it be possible to switch the official emacs-w3m repository to
git? I can work on importing the CVS history into a git repository.

Thank you,