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Re: Moving from CVS to git


I and Katsumi discussed about migration from CVS to Git, and have just
agreed.  I am working to convirt our CVS repository to Git.


>> On Wed, 07 Nov 2018 11:21:35 -0800
>> vas@xxxxxxxxxx (Vladimir Sedach) said as follows:


>Recently there was a discussion on help-gnu-emacs that reminded me of
>one of the reasons why I like git (and in particular the Emacs mode
>magit) so much:


>emacs-w3m has many files and a long history, and importantly those
>files have a lot of references to each other, which makes CVS a pain
>to use to examine the source control history, compared to git. That
>would be the biggest benefit of moving the source code repository to
>git IMO.

>Merging patches would also be easier (git is better at keeping the
>history of the original patch and its author, and changes made by the
>maintainer as part of applying the patch). That would also be very
>helpful, as it was sometimes hard for me to figure out what changes
>were made to patches I sent to the mailing list when they were
>applied to the CVS repository.

>There is a link to someone's GitHub mirror
>(https://github.com/ecbrown/emacs-w3m) of w3m, which has been
>removed, on http://emacs-w3m.namazu.org/

>Boruch Baum has a development repository of emacs-w3m that has not
>imported the CVS history:

>Would it be possible to switch the official emacs-w3m repository to
>git? I can work on importing the CVS history into a git repository.

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi